Cheap editing rates per page

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A flat rate of $1.50 per 100 words with a minimum fee of $39.

(thus, a standard 1000 - 2500 word essay costs $39.00)





A variable fee from $1.50 -$3.00 per 100 words. ($39 min fee.)

(Our rate depends on the quality of the original English and the complexity of the language in the document. Thus, extremely poor English and complex scientific terminology will very likely attract our highest fee of $3.00 per 100 words.)              




The author has 2 levels of editing and several mentoring options from which to choose.

Basic proofreading:

From $0.60 - $1.50 per 100 words  [$0.60 only applies to near-perfect work]

Full copy editing:

From $1.20 - $3.00 per 100 words  [$1.20 only applies to near-perfect work]


Chapter One Technical Critique:

$1.50 per 100 words 

Structural Mentoring Package $99:  This useful package provides a professional appraisal of your overall story concept, plot structure, and characterisation of your novel to ensure that there are no basic flaws to be eliminated or improvements that could be made before the final edit takes place.

Mentoring without Editing:

$35 per 5000 words


An accurate fixed quote can only be offered after sighting the entire document.  Some authors make the tentative enquiry: "What will a 100,000 word fantasy epic cost to edit?" As you can see from the figures above, it could range from $600 - $2500.  It is impossible for us to give a sensible answer without first examining the manuscript.


We offer thorough, professional editing at unbeatable prices.

As a rough estimate, allow 250-300 words to the average page to compare with 'per page' prices quoted in that source.

Compare us with other editing websites: you'll find our editing rates are LOW (Some companies don't reveal their fees, of course - or charge by the hour - and for a good reason).   We are professional editors and our work is first-rate. However, we are a small home-based family company with minimal overheads - hence our super-competitive low proofreading rates ... in short, cheap editing and cheap proofreading. Dearer is NOT necessarily better!

Contact us right away for a firm quote on your document.  If we're booked out and must decline your work, DO ask to be placed in queue -  we're worth the wait! Please read the testimonials from previous clients. Manuscript editing and proofreading services have never been so affordable.


US and British clients should remember that the above fees are quoted in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. 


We are quite comfortable with both British English and US English.  For US clients, we work to the Chicago Manual of Style, a standard in the industry.