Novice writers: for mentoring throughout the writing of your book, consider Jim's mentoring process. 



Trade publishers cringe when they open a manuscript pock-marked with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.  If a brief glance reveals poorly expressed, disjointed and dull prose, why would they look any further? Such manuscripts are promptly rejected.  Hours of creative labour are dismissed in an instant, because the author was so involved in the creative process that he or she neglected the technical minutiae.


Self-publishing is often seen as a way to bypass those notoriously fickle publishers.  Yet self-published books must win the approval of the toughest judges of all - the reading public!  Too often, the potential of a self-published book is annihilated by that same poor quality of prose, grammar and punctuation.  Readers are no more inclined to wade through murky prose than are publishers. The self-published author is often left wondering why there is a large pile of unsold books in the garage and a matching hole in the bank account.



Oz-Edit's critiquing service will give your manuscript its best chance - a cut and polish.  Naturally, we cannot guarantee publication, or sales success for self-publishers. We rub away the surface: there has to be the glimmer of diamond in the creative writing beneath to ensure success. Our task is to diligently polish what you give us, be it literary gem or family bauble.

Oz-Edit's low-cost service gives every keen writer the opportunity to access professional manuscript editing. It is cheap editing and cheap proofreading but NOT cheap and nasty! You will be staggered at the quality feedback.  We know that a potential author entering a tough market with an untried product does not want to risk a huge outlay on editing.  Consequently, we have kept our budget editing fees as low as possible, and offer a sliding scale of options:


Option 1.  A First Chapter Critique.  This is an important new concept.  You may feel that you can't afford a critique or professional editing of your entire manuscript, But you can certainly afford our special First Chapter offer for $45 (up to 3000 words).  Indeed, you can't afford to miss it.  Your first chapter is crucial to the success of your book.  For detailed information, please go to our sister-site,  CHAPTER ONE EDIT.

Moreover, even if you have every intention of having us edit your 80,000 word manuscript - at considerable cost - we feel it makes good sense to start with a $45 Chapter One Technical Critique to establish that the manuscript is near ready for publication and warrants such expenditure. If you proceed, Chapter One is already edited  - and the manuscript is broken up into manageable chunks so that your payments are spread over several weeks or months. 

As a result of the critique, we may suggest that the book requires too much re-writing to send to a publisher or to self-publish immediately, and, hence, does not justify the expense of a final edit.  If so, we would offer our mentoring service at $35 per 5000 words to help you get the structure of the novel right and to assist with the basics of characterisation, plotting, subplots, narrative style and the old arch-enemy 'Show, Don't Tell'. The other alternative is our email-based  novel writing course (

If the Chapter One Technical Critique demonstrates that a simple proofread or full line edit will truly produce a manuscript ready for publication, then you can decide on the level of editing you require from the options below:


Option 2.  a light (but thorough) proofreading.  If you are completely satisfied with your writing style and wording, and require only a check on 'minor' problems such as spelling, grammar and punctuation, this is your budget proofreading option. remember that pore proffreading aren't always as easy as ths to spot!


Option3.  a detailed (and slightly more expensive) copyedit.  To our standard proofreading package, add a thorough vetting of expression and style. We highlight awkward phrasing, cliches, over-used words, repetition, shifts in tense ... indeed, all those foibles we are often blind to in our own work.  Most manuscripts need this level of attention. If you are an author with English as a second language, then English editing to eradicate those small telltale lapses in fluency is important.


Option 4. Professional mentoring from novelist and writing instructor Jim Parsons.  If your novel needs major work this is the most economical option.  Jim works with you on the project at $35 per 5000 words and will ensure that problems and flaws are ironed out.



What Oz-Edit will do for you:

  • We offer writers with novel or short story manuscripts any of the above book editing options.
  • We will always respect your intellectual property and leave final decisions on book editing changes to you.  The editing features in Microsoft Word allow you to accept or reject our suggested changes.
  • We will work to your deadlines, if we believe them achievable.  If not, we will decline the project with regret.
  • We will communicate regularly throughout the project, seek clarification, and, on long projects, return completed sections at regular intervals.
  • We break your manuscript into several chunks to make large book editing projects easier to manage financially. For example, the first chunk may be chapters 1 - 8, a total of 20,000 words.  You would be billed (by Paypal) for that amount only - that might be $300 if you are having a line edit performed at $1.50  per 100 words.  When we have returned that 'chunk' and you are satisfied, we cut off another.

What Oz-Edit will not do:

  • We will not evaluate the literary worth or market potential of your manuscript - we leave that to the fortune-tellers. We are in the book editing business.
  • We will not undertake a project where the writing is so poor that we would virtually have to ghost-write the book.
  • We will not design or lay out your publication - we work only with the written word.
  • We will not try to coax you into further outlay with a particular publisher or printer. We have no affiliations, and make no recommendations of other services. Editing, proofreading mentoring and critiquing are our only fields.



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